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We are manufacturing various types of Brass Neutral Links for various uses for domestic, commercial and industrial use. It is widely used in electrical fittings in electrical fittings and wiring in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial use. Our products are manufactured from high quality materials with precise dimensions. Our Products are highly durable and highly resistant of rust and corrosion hence it is maintenance free.

sMaterial: Brass neutral links available as per IS 319 or BS 249 or BS 2874: CZ 121 or any high graded brass as per custom specification, Screws are available in brass as well as steel material

Types: Simple neutral bar, earth connector bar, earth connector with base. These products are available in standard range and also as per customer’s specification.

Sizes : Any size from 2 ways to 144 ways to 1 inch to 1.25 meter or as per customer’s requirement.
We are also manufacture Terminal blocks exclusively as per custom design and specifications.

Finish: Natural, nickel, tin or any coating as per custom specification

Manufacturer of Brass Neutral Links Manufacturer of Brass Neutral Links Manufacturer of Brass Neutral Links  
Brass Neutral Links
Brass Neutral Links
Brass Neutral Links
These products are widely used as an accessory in domestic, commercial and industrial electrical fittings. It is also used in electronics, electrical and telecommunications. These products are considered as backbone of electrical wiring circuit protections like MCB, ELCBs, circuit breaker, switchgear, Isolators and RCD. These links plays major role in isolation of clearing faulty downstream and electrical equipment by means of switchgear and preventing short circuit and protects electrical circuit from damage caused by overload in the form of circuit breaker.

1.25 meter Neutral Bar come with multi sockets and screws to accommodate as many as 14 to 20 neutral wires to minimize space and enhance their performance and management of the neutral links and bars.

We can offer these products in various sizes and capacities along with dimensional accuracy and finish to meet the customer's needs and specifications.
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