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About Balaji Enterprise
Our Focus is "Quality and Total Customer Satisfaction".
Our main focus is to provide quality brass precision products to our customers worldwide. To accomplish our mission we take all the necessary steps at our manufacturing facility from raw material to finish brass products.
At Balaji Enterprise, we manufacture all Metals especially Brass and Copper. We manufacture precision Brass Turned components, Brass Precision Components, Bras Valves, Brass Valves Fittings, Brass Fuel Taps, Brass Pins, Brass Nozzles, Brass Electrical Wiring Accessories, Brass Insert, Brass Gauge Cock, Brass Forged Components, Brass Flange Fittings etc.  
We take great pride In our ability to use Extrusion Rod, Brass Forgings, Coil and Sheet Metal into Manufacturing process to meet our customer's adequate requirement.
We are using Brass Extrusion Rod, Brass Forgings, Brass Coil and Brass Sheet Metal into manufacturing process to manufacture brass precision products. We are committed to provide World Class quality brass precision products to our customers. With our continual improvement of our manufacturing facility and knowledge of our products with latest machinery and skilled and experience manufacturing team.
Our Global reach
We are exporting our products to United States, Australia, Italy, Germany, Canada, France, Middle East, Far-East, South Africa etc.
Manufacturer of Brass Components Manufacturer of Brass Precision Components Manufacturer of Brass Valves and Fittings Components
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